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NEW YORK –  A drunk Charlie Sheen was arrested last night at the Plaza Hotel.  He was naked with 15 escorts and two chimps.

Charlie Sheen’s representative confirmed with WWN that he was admitted to the hospital last night after being arrested by police at the Plaza Hotel on 5th Avenue.

Sheen has released a statement in an attempt to spin explain the circumstances surrounding his hospitalization: “What we are able to determine is that Charlie had an adverse reaction to some medication and was taken to the hospital, where he is expected to be released tomorrow.”

That’s what Charlie says.  But NYPD Officer, Robert Rinderman, said that he got a call for a disturbance on the 6th floor of the Plaza late last night.  “I went to the room and found Charlie Sheen, naked, surrounded by empty bottles of pills (vicodin, xanax, valium, Flinestones vitamins). Guy was a wreck.”

Officer Rinderman said there were other people in the room.  “I found 11 naked women and 2 naked chimps, though I’m not sure if the chimps were naked because they were covered with hair.”

Rinderman took this picture of the Sheen chimps:

And here are the women that were in Charlie’s room last night:

“Charlie is being evaluated and should be released tomorrow,” Sheen’s representative told E! News. “We think he had an allergic reaction to some medicine, either that or he is allergic to chimps.”  Hotel employees think that he wore himself out with all the women.  But they are checking the videotapes to see if there are any clues.

Oh, you didn’t know that the Plaza Hotel puts cameras in every room.  They sure do!  They might want to cash in on some celebrity sex tape too.  Everybody wants in on the action.

As for the burning question, whether the incident could constitute a violation of Sheen’s probation, Sheen’s attorneys  doubts it. Sheen voluntarily went to the hospital and was neither arrested nor charged with anything.  “I don’t think so,” Galanter said, “he didn’t do anything illegal.”

Well, that was last night.  Today Sheen has been charge with indecent exposure, soliciting a prostitute (14 counts), chimp abuse and attempting to raise a bathroom faucet.

WWN is on this hot story.   We have reporters in the hospital now.   We’ll keep you all posted.