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EL PASO – A UFO was spotted over El Paso last night.    The same UFO that was over New York last week!

Federal authorities have confirmed that a UFO was hovering over El Paso last night.  Authorities believe it is the same UFO that was over New York City last week.

WWN reported last week that the “mysterious lights” that were over New York City on October 14th belong to a UFO,  which was confirmed by the Defense Department.  “We don’t regularly release this information to the public,” said Defense Secretary Robert Gates who went on to say, “I do believe that the alien invasion is underway.  There is overwhelming evidence now.”

Here’s a comparison.  The picture on the left was taken of the UFO that hovered over New York last week.  The picture on the right was the UFO seen over El Paso last night.  You think it’s the same UFO?

Last night a number of witnesses in El Paso  area called local police stations and newsrooms to report the UFOs that mysteriously appeared in the sky over the southern state.

Many reported a light appearing, which split into three ‘orbs’, each with a tail behind it. A fourth light appeared briefly, before all the lights were suddenly extinguished.

“It was definitely a UFO.  I know an alien when I see one, ” said Toby Blake of El Paso.  “I knew something was going on because the cows ran for the barn.  They were scared.  And you know something, we was scared, too.  The whole damn town was scared!”

The lights, which were captured on video,  were reported to the Federal Aviation Administration.  The FAA confirmed that the lights belonged to an alien spaceship – though they later denied it.

“We thought we shot the UFO down over the Atlantic last week.”   said a Navy pilot.  The Navy confirmed the take down, but the UFO is back.   “It looks like the same UFO, but it may just be part of an Alien Spaceship Battalion,” said John Comito, Director of the FAA.

Here’s an incomplete  news report about the EL Paso UFO: