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LONDON –  In his autobiography, “Life”, Keith Richards reveals that he and Mick Jagger have been lovers for decades.

Keith Richards has led the ultimate rock n’ roll life:  filled with sex and drugs and music.  Keith Richards reveals a lot of secrets in his candid, no-holds-barred account of his life.

But the biggest revelation was that he and Mick Jagger have been lovers every since The Rolling Stones formed back in April 1962.

In a leak from Richards book, WWN has learned Richards said that he’s known Mick since we was 4 years old.  Richards is rumored to say in his book.  “Mick always seemed like a girl to me.  And then one night after I drank enough to drown an elephant, I went over to Mick and kissed him.  One thing led to another and we shagged right there on the bathroom floor.  We’ve been shagging ever since.”   Keith says he and Mick had sex in a hotel room soon after his picture was taken of them in 1966:

And they shagged about five minutes after this photo of them jamming.  “Mick’s voice was always a turn-on for me.”

According to publisher, Geoff Wallingord, Richards says in his book that Mick and he have had many girlfriends, wives,  “we’ve banged women from Siberia to Syndey”  but he and Mick have always come back to each others arms.  “We still like to roll around.  He knows how to get me off.  Always has.”

In “life”, Richards reveals that even though they have been lovers, their relationship has been fraught with conflict.  Richards calls his songwriting partner, “Your Majesty” or “Brenda”.

Richards, 67, also reveals that Mick has a “tiny todger”, a detail apparently confirmed by Jagger’s one-time girlfriend Marianne Faithfull, who was involved in a series of complicated love trysts involving the Stones.  There have been many women that have also confirmed this fact about Mick.  Several have said that he has “the smallest penis in the world.”

That doesn’t bother Richards.  “Ah, hell, yeah… it’s tiny, but he knows what to do with it.  He does that chicken-strut-shit even in bed.”

Keith writes in “Life” that he and Mick always used say to each other “start me up” when they wanted to have sex.  That’s why they wrote this song: