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NEW YORK – Bat Boy wows the Comic Con crowd with his amazing dance moves!

Bat Boy made a surprise appearance at the NYC Comic Con 2010 this weekend.  He wanted to confront the publishers of his new book – GOING MUTANT Bat Boy, notoriously private, is not happy about his whole life being exposed in this book.

But before while Bat Boy was searching out Dr.  Barry Leed (Ph.D in Mutant Bat Science), to “have it out with him” the Comic Con crowd started chanting, “Bat Boy dance!  Bat Boy dance!  Bat Boy dance!”

Leave it to the Comic Con crowd to remember that Bat Boy is a world-class dancer and Michael Jackson, himself, had said he was influenced by Bat Boy’s moves.

So, Bat Boy took to the UbiSoft  Stage and satisfied his adoring fanboys (and girls) with his mesmerizing moves.

We can’t show you the entire dance because…  Bat Boy won’t let us.   Here is a small taste of the Bat Boy dance:

Later, Bat Boy was kept on a leash by Dr. Fleidermaus, who was worried that Bat Boy would run off with some of his many adoring fans, most of which were A-list models.