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WWN EXCLUSIVE:  Dr. Barry Leed, the author of Going Mutant, is interviewed about the starting life of Bat Boy!

Dr. Barry Leed, who has a Ph.D. in Mutant Bat Studies, talks to award-winning journalist Nancy Waite in a rare interview about the best-selling novel, Going Mutant, which chronicles Bat Boy’s life and adventures.

Dr. Leed used unproven and highly dangers methods to collect data on Bat Boy, especially how Dr. Leed gained entrance to Bat Boy’s cave.  Dr. Leed has dedicated his life to the pursuit of Bat Boy and is generous in sharing his work with Waite.

Going Mutant has become a New York Times bestseller already and is rising on the Amazon charts.  You can PURCHASE GOING MUTANT HERE. Get it while it’s still in stock!

Bat Boy is not pleased about the book, as you can tell in this interview.

Watch the full interview here: