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HOLLYWOOD – Producers of the hit Fox sitcom, Glee, are preparing a show dedicated to the  music of Tupac.

Hot off a hit episode dedicated to the music of Britney Spears, producers of the FOX Sitcom, Glee, have decided to do an entire episode based on the music of Tupac Shakur.

Tupac’s estate has given the producers permission to pick through his back catalogue for the upcoming tribute episode.  The family is looking forward to seeing what director Ryan Murphy and the cast make of songs like Hit ‘Em Up and Picture Me Rolling.

A family spokesperson said that few people knew that Tupac was in the school choir when he was in grade school.  “He loved to sing Kumbaya and Jimmy Crack Corn.  He loved that sh@t,” said Tupac’s half-brother Maurice Harding.

“Tupac is one of the greatest artist in the last thirty years and high school choirs across the country have been singing his songs for years.  His song, “I  Don’t Give a F*&k” is regularly sung at grammar school graduations., ” said Glee Executive Producer Moses Blue.  “We think it’s time that his songs get sung on national TV by a talented group of high-energy thespians.”

The show will feature some of Tupac’s best-loved songs:  When Thugz Cry, Brenda’s Got a Baby, Pour Out A Little Liquor and the rousing Hell 4 A Hustler.

But Harding and Glee producers have come under fire from the rap and hip-hip communities saying that Tupac would never want his music played on Glee.  “Yo, Tupac was the man, greatest rapper of all time.  To have his rhymes trashed by those fools on Glee, man, that is the lowest.  FOX gonna get a hurtin’ for doing this.  The hip-hip community ain’t gonna stand for it.  The Protests, they a coming…” said Def Jam executive, Tony Sharraz.

“Oh, they are just jealous.  Eminem has contacted us about getting his music on the show, so has Run DMC, Common, Snoop Dogg and Kanye West.  Everybody in the hip-hop community is a sellout, everybody in music.  That’s just the way it is,” said FOX executive Lloyd Brownstiein.   “Music doesn’t mean anything anymore unless it’s on TV.”

Glee’s “Very Special Tupac Episode” will air in November.