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NEW YORK, NY – One fast-food chain is trying to revive its founder’s legacy and reputation!

Over the past decade or two, KFC has gone through a revolution. A revolution that seems to have only featured a couple of cameos by its founder, Colonel Sanders. In the midst of new items such as the double down and a move to include grilled chicken on the menu, the white suited figure has become a distant memory. Today marks not only what would have been the founders 120th birthday, but the push to revive his prestige.

Colonel Harland Sanders’ punch line back in the day, “finger-lickin’ good” was a staple when one thought of KFC. That isn’t so much the case today. Young adults, growing up in an age of tech gadgets and “faster-food,” couldn’t tell you who Colonel Sanders was even if he had a name tag. More than six in 10 Americans ages 18 to 25 – the chain’s key demographic – couldn’t identify him in the KFC logo, according to a survey last week by the chain.

To make matters worse, five in 10 believe he’s a made-up icon and three in 10 haven’t a clue who he was. Poor Colonel Sanders, the man who made fried chicken what it is, couldn’t win a popularity contest if his life depended on it.

Well KFC has had about all that it can handle and it’s going to make sure its founder’s name and image is remembered. Today, the world’s largest chicken chain, with 15,000 outlets in 109 countries, unleashed an online PR blitz aimed at bringing the Facebook generation eye-to-eye with the venerable colonel.

“As time has gone by, the younger generation didn’t get to see and experience him like other generations did,” says spokeswoman Laurie Schalow. “We plan to celebrate the fact that our founder was a real person.”

Give me liberty or give me death! … oops sorry, got carried away.

Part of the problem is KFC’s own doing. Over the years, they have put Colonel Sanders in a red apron as apposed to his iconic white suits. And it has turned its Kentucky Fried Chicken name into KFC.

KFC is taking the route the Domino’s Pizza took last year. The pizza chain launched a new campaign last year in which they mocked themselves and blatantly admitted that their pizza tasted like cardboard. They threw out the old recipe, came up with a new one, and threw out incentives so that their fan base would taste the new product. The end result … sales skyrocketed.

A great move by KFC to get back in touch with its roots and make it’s name – Kentucky Fried Chicken – mean something again.