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ATLANTIC CITY –  On the reunion show of Real Housewives of New Jersey, two feuding housewives pull knives on each other!

The Wild Women of New Jersey are back.  The second season finale of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” aired last Monday, but tonight, Bravo unveils Part 1 of their two-episode reunion, filmed in Atlantic City in early August.  Based on an advanced copy of the reunion that Bravo sent over to WWN, the finale is explosive… and dealdly

At one point in the finale the certified Crazy Lady of Wayne (Danielle Staub) takes on the Godmother of Franklin Lakes (Caroline Manzo).  They get into screaming match and Bravo executive host Andy Cohen tries to step in between them. But Teresa Guidice shoves Cohen out-of-the-way as Manzo pulls out a knife.

Staub was ready for her, and pulled out her own knife.  They slashed at each other for  a few minutes. Then Staub’s  wimpy goon friend, rushes on stage with his blow-dry hair and starts throwing wimpy punches.   He punched Guidice in her left breast implant and there was an minor explosion on the set.  One Bravo cameraman was injured.

Bravo cut the part with the cutting, but we can only image what happened.  Atlantic City Police rushed to the site and several ambulances were seen outside.   WWN learned that Caroline Manzo was taken to United Hospital with lacerations on her ams and legs.

Teresa Giudice repeatedly shouted, “Bitch, I’m gonna pin you down!” at Danielle Staub, during the fight.  Wanna-be “Housewife” Kim Granatell (Kim G.) also made an appearance, kicking Staub numerous times.   Kim G. (who has played both sides of the feud) also kicked Guidice and Manzo.  Many speculate that Kim G. wants to be “the evil one” on the third season of the show.

From her hospital bed, Manzo said, “I defend my family, I defend my honor, I defend myself.”  Manzo promised to “get that bitch no matter what.”  Meanwhile, Staub is back in her house preparing for her tour as a rock goddess (see below).

The husbands of the Real Housewives- as per usual – stood off to the side drinking lite beer.  Bravo has denied that the knife fight took place, but sources in Franklin Lakes tell WWN that the fight started in Atlantic City and then continued back in town.  There’s an official war going on in Bergen County.

The Sopranos are nothing compared to the Real Housewives of NJ.

If you see a NJ Housewife… run for you life!!  Especially if she’s singing like this: