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NEW YORK, NY – Miley Cyrus has called it quits with her Aussie Hunk. She’s set her sights on a new target!

Miley Cyrus and Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth dated for over a year before calling it quits. Cyrus has been no stranger to the media, even at the ripe-old age of 17. She’s made a dramatic change from sweetheart on her Hannah Montana show to her sexier image today. Cyrus has not been afraid of pushing the envelope and needs someone who will do the same – Hemsworth wasn’t that guy.

The breakup comes just a day after news broke that Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian were dating. Cyrus and Kardashian share one thing in common – they crave the spotlight. Cyrus is in a rush to grow up and needs/wants all the publicity she can get. There is no doubt that Bieber is a magnet for media attention and Cyrus has zeroed in on the pop star.

“I’ve always admired Justin,” Cyrus told Weekly World News. “He is so talented and he’s just adorable. For some reason, I’ve always believed that Justin and myself were meant to be together. I’m following my heart on this one.”

We hear a restraining order in the near future.

How does Cyrus plans to accomplish tearing Bieber away from Kardashian? We don’t exactly know and she didn’t reveal her master plan. Let’s be honest, Bieber would be a fool to give up a great thing with Kardashian. But stranger things have happened.

“Kim and I are extremely happy,” Bieber told WWN. “It’s great to have the news out in the open and to just be able to relax and enjoy life.”

WWN asked Bieber about Cyrus and her latest developments.

“Miley is very talented and it’s unfortunate to hear about her breakup. She’ll be just fine. As for me, I’m a one-woman kind of guy.”

Stay tuned for any developments.