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NEW YORK, NY – Manigator is touring the Big Apple and he’s brought some friends with him!

Manigator has been shrouded in as much mystery as Bat Boy – perhaps even more. Not much is known about him aside from the fact that he is half man half alligator and has an affinity for books. Well Manigator has decided to come out of hiding and do a little sightseeing and the Big Apple is his first stop.

Mild hysteria and intrigue have gripped NYC as three reptiles have been captured in a span of 24 hours. Urban legends of alligators living in NYC’s sewers have been common and residents feared the worse when a baby alligator was captured in Astoria around 3 p.m. Sunday. Those fears were calmed when it was suggested that the cold-blooded animal was most likely someone’s pet. Weekly World News knows that it is most likely Manigator’s pet.

Manigator doesn’t exactly blend in with the crowd and he needs some kind of diversion to be able to see the sights. Not only did he release an alligator, but he also let go an Argentine tegu and “a large … very large iguana” into the streets of NYC.

Don’t call Manigator out on cruelty – as everything he does is well planned and executed.

“I’m not sacrificing my friends for the sake of my own agenda,” Manigator told WWN. “This is just a means to an end. I get to see the sights. NYC panics because of ‘reptiles taking over the city.’ But my tour won’t be over until I am reunited with my friends. I’ll make sure to get them back. No worries.”

Michael Pastore, field operations director of Animal Care & Control of New York City, handled the capturing of the baby alligator.

“He did let out a couple of little yelps,” Pastore said, “and if you’ve ever seen a nature show, a baby alligator would let out a little yelp to the mother when it is in trouble.”

Not to worry baby alligator – mommy will be returning shortly.