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NEW YORK, NY – Golf is getting a lot more beautiful thanks in part to one emerging golfer.

Sophie Horn is heating up the Internet – for obvious reasons. Horn is a professional golfer and model – and let’s face it, those two usually don’t go in the same sentence.  Horn makes it work though because not only is she stunning and breathtaking but she is also a Single Handicap golfer.

The British beauty has fulfilled any die-hard golf fan’s dream – a legitimate reason to look forward to the LPGA. Golf courses around the world have been lacking beautiful faces, but Horn is sure to scrub that problem. Any men seeking to improve their golf game should be even more interested in Horn – as she is a part-time golf instructor. She is an angel that has descended onto the golf world.

There isn’t much information to date on this beauty. She currently writes a column for the UK golf magazine Golf Punk, under the name “Golf Nurse” (head out of the gutter gentlemen). For those who are interested in learning more, feel free to navigate to

Her career is one that Weekly World News will keep a sharp eye on.