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TURKEY – According to one airline, some flight attendants were carrying too much baggage!

Society and Hollywood has done a great job of depicting flight attendants as attractive, fit, sexy individuals. The truth is that flight attendants are just regular individuals with their own sets of problems – like weight issues. Well, if Turkish Airlines has its way – and it seems like they have – weight issues should be addressed, immediately.

Turkish Airlines has suspended 28 flight attendants for carrying a few too many extra LBS. The employees have been giving six months to lose the weight, Reuters reports, or else find themselves at new assignments.

“Weight and height are important factors at all airlines,” the airline said in a statement published by Turkish newspaper Haber Turk daily. “These criteria are important both in terms of appearance and the ability to move about.”

The employees, 13 of whom are women, were suspended without pay until they can prove they have dropped the extra baggage. Izzet Levi, one of the grounded employees, told the newspaper he has been ordered to loss 22 pounds to hit a weight of 211 if he wants to keep his job.

The airlines says that each of the employees was previously warned to get in better shape.

This has the potential to be the making of a great TV show – or just an average TV show. With the fitness and health craze sweeping the globe, someone should be jumping at the opportunity to get all of these 28 flight attendants and enter them into some sort of “Flight Attendant Baggage Claim” challenge – you know some TV network would pick up the idea.