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NEW YORK, NY – Looks like Brett Favre has more to contemplate than just retirement!

Looks like Brett Favre has been a naughty boy. It takes a moment to process, but Favre is making headlines for something other than contemplating retirement. The future Hall of Fame quarterback didn’t let his wedding ring stop him from sending graphic pictures of himself to bombshell Jenn Sterger.

According to Deadspin, Favre sent a series of naughty pics – namely shots of his private parts – to the model. Sterger, who works at the sports show “The Daily Line,” allegedly received the images on her phone while she was working as a sideline reporter for the New York Jets in 2008.

The “happily” married Favre sent numerous pics and flirty voicemails but Sterger rejected his advances. The accusations are more smoke than fire right now and story is waiting for some hard evidence. Although Sterger did not want the publicity form the story, she finally agreed to “go on the record with her tales of Favre’s creepy cell phone stalking.”

There has certainly been a lot of publicity to this story so far. So much so that Deadspin is having to defend its incendiary piece and editor-in-chief A.J. Daulerio is surprised by the number of critics who say the outrageous sports website crossed an ethical line.

“What irks me a little bit is when people put us in the same category as The New York Times or you guys,” Daulerio said speaking to The Daily News. “We’ve run rumors and innuendo from the get-go. That’s what we do. This has been part of our DNA from the get-go. By holding us to standards of newspapers, you miss what we do.”

Hmmm … Maybe it’s Sterger’s fault for being way too hot. Regardless, this story will only get 10 times better if Sterger produces the evidence she says she has. Guess it’s time for Favre to be on the edge of his seat.