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BISHOP, TX – One woman gives a new definition to the term “Lady Luck!”

If there is one thing that Joan Ginther does well, it’s winning the lottery. The Texas woman has won the lottery four times, winning over $1 million in the Texas lottery last week. She also won the top prize of $10 million on a $50 scratch-off ticket. Her odds of winning were 1 in 1.2 million.

People are always asked what they’re going to do if they win the lottery. Ginther has had to answer that question four times – not saying that’s a bad thing.

Ginther’s latest lotto win brings her total winning to over $20 million. Whatever her secret, Ginther isn’t revealing it – just as she isn’t revealing much about herself. No one knows much about the lottery expert. She requested minimal publicity from the Texas Lottery Commission, and did not return calls for comment from ABC News.

Ginther’s lottery success began in 1993 when she won a $5.4 million portion of an $11 million jackpot in the “Lotto Texas” game. Her next win came in 2006 in the “Holiday Millionaire” scratch-off, which netter her $2 million. Her odds of winning those games were 1 in 15.8 million and 1 in 1,028,338. In 2008, Ginther purchased a winning “Millions and Millions” scratch-off which added $3 million to her total winnings. Her latest winning ticket will amount to about $7.5 million after taxes.

Experts say that the chances of winning four lottery jackpots are more than 200 million to one.

“This final bit of winning lottery must confirm Mrs. Ginther as the world’s luckiest lottery players,” said a spokesman for World Lottery News. “We would be interested to see just how much she spends on lottery tickets and scratch-offs.”