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ISRAEL – A group of soldiers sparked outrage with their dance routine!

Six Israeli soldiers have escaped being penalized after a video of them doing a dance routine while on duty in the West Bank went viral in Israel. The video shows the troops breaking into a choreographed dance routine, set to US singer Kesha’s dance hit Tik Tok.

The unit is patrolling Hebron, an ancient city on the West Bank, which is home to many sites that Jews, Muslims and Christians consider holy. Some 600 Israeli settlers live in the city among roughly 160,000 Palestinians – which means it has also been the site of tension over the Israeli occupation.

The Israeli Defense Forces brass was not amused at their dance routine. In a statement, the IDF leadership called the performances a “joke by the soldiers” that amounts to “inappropriate conduct during a military operation” and will be “investigated by battalion commanders.”

The video, first posted on YouTube on Friday by the user “cleangrunge,” has since disappeared from its original account – but several other users have reposted it.

Initial reports said the six were facing disciplinary action, but the army later said the soldiers were just fooling around and no harm was done.