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AUSTRALIA – One man has taken his passion for soccer and the World Cup to a new extreme!

Adam Santarossa is perhaps the envy of millions of die-hard soccer fans across the globe. The World Cup comes around only once every four years and for those soccer aficionados, life comes to a complete stop. The 23-year-old is being paid thousands of dollars to watch the tournament inside a giant football. He also has a fully stocked fridge and a gaming console. The male population just let out a collective sigh.

Santarossa was selected by Adidas to spend the month-long tournament watching football, tweeting and writing blogs inside the six–yard diameter Jabulani ball. That sons like pure torture.

“Other people have work commitments and family commitments. My only problem is getting my blog done,” Santarossa told AFP. “It’s an easy life I’m living. I’m sure people will be quite jealous.”

The Australian soccer fanatic has a cleaner, free laundry, a Playstation 3 and a laptop, and will get 3,000 dollars (2,600 US) for his sacrifice, along with the contents of the ball and three bags full of sports gear.

While he may be upset over the elimination of his Socceroos, Australia that is, it seems as though Santarossa has won the lottery. It’s just a shame that the tournament lasts a month, because life could not get easier after this experience.