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Wreckage of Bermuda Triangle in Gobi Desert

A stunning clue in the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has been found in a remote desert on the other side of the world.

In the middle of the harsh and uninhabited Gobi Desert, on the border between northern China and southern Mongolia, explorers stumbled upon the wreckage of ships and airplanes known to have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.

The discovery has given rise to a new theory about the Triangle and the thousands of vessels that have vanished there.

“It now seems that the Bermuda Triangle and the Gobi Desert are the two ends of a wormhole that runs through the Earth,” says physicist Roland Desmond, of Cambridge University in England.

“A wormhole is a fissure in the fabric of the space-time continuum. Ships and airplanes are swept into the Bermuda end of the wormhole and are transported to the Gobi Desert at the speed of light.

“They give the appearance of vanishing at one end and rematerializing at the other.”

One mystery remains — and it’s a big one. No human remains have been found among the wrecked ships and airplanes.

“Physics has no explanation for the disappearance of these tragic victims,” Desmond says. “Perhaps they are trapped in one of the many dimensions of space and time that make up the wormhole.”