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LOS ANGELES, CA – The MTV Movie Awards had more fizzle than sizzle last night, but two individuals stole the show!

The MTV Movie Awards came and went with few highlights, some awkward moments and one definite touching moment. At the conclusion of the awards, many would agree that Tom Cruise and Sandra Bullock certainly stole the show. Tom Cruise reached back to his Tropic Thunder days and assumed the role of Les Grossman. He acted as the de facto producer of the awards and added a great element to the awards.

Sandra Bullock was in attendance on Sunday as she received the MTV Generation Award. She was presented the award by her “All About Steve” co-star Bradley, “The Proposal” co-star Betty White and Scarlett Johansson, the wife of her absentee “Proposal” co-star Ryan Reynolds. Bullock has been the subject of nonstop tabloid press devoted to her wrecked marriage with Jesse James. She found time to smile, poke fun at herself and share a somewhat passionate kiss with Johansson.

One of Cruise’s most memorable moments on screen was his display of dance moves in Risky Business. Cruise showed that he’s still got it and channeled his best moves Sunday at the Awards. Cruise entertained the crowd with a hilarious dance routine in character as Tropic Thunder’s comically crass film producer Les Grossman.

Alongside Cruise was Jennifer Lopez and the two entertainers engaged in a dance-off. The foul-mouthed, balding, hairy-armed Grossman’s smooth, not-very-sexy moves seemed ironic compared to Lopez’s moves who is the beauty to Grossman’s beast. The routine brought wild applause from the audience, as well as a big smile from Cruise’s wife Katie Holmes.

“It was a lot of fun – it was a blast!” Cruise told PEOPLE in the press room afterward. “You know I can dance a bit, and we rehearsed. And my wife’s a dancer, so I like dancing!”

While those moments were great, an awards show did carry on and “The Twilight Saga” was king of the awards. “New Moon” sucked up trophies for best movie, kiss, female performer for Kristen Stewart and male performance and global superstar for Robert Pattinson.