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NEW YORK, NY – The silence was interrupted at a local library by a group of pranksters!

“If there’s something weird and it don’t look good, who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!” People at the New York Public Library were treated to an unexpected interruption. Improv Everywhere, the New York-based troupe, staged a tribute to “Ghostbusters” at the library.

According to the troupe, they specialize in “scenes of chaos and joy in public places,” and this was no different. A bedsheet-clad “ghost” appeared in the library’s Rose Main Reading Room and created confusion among the patrons. Four heroes with makeshift proton packs attempted to capture the “ghost” and created a humorous atmosphere within the library. The “ghost” was lucky enough to escape.

A press representative for the New York Public Library said that the library approached Improv Everywhere about using its austere environs for the video stunt. The library is hoping to use the stunt to raise awareness for its Don’t Close the Book campaign, which is designed to raise funds as well as awareness that the library is facing a budget cut of as much as $37 million.

Check out the stunt below.