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WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, VT – Teens got a crash course in the dangers of texting while driving!

With texting continuing its rise in popularity, states have cracked down harder on its possible dangers. 25 states have banned texting while driving and some are going even further to prove their point. Kids are being sent through obstacle courses that are aimed to simulate the dangers and accidents that can arise if they text and drive.

“It’s pretty eye opening for the kids,” said David Teater, senior director of transportation initiatives for the National Safety Council in Itasca, Ill. “They’re very unsuccessful at texting and navigating the cones.”

According to the NSC’s research and estimate, 28 percent of crashes are caused by cell phone use, either talking or texting. Drivers who use cell phones are four times more likely to be in a crash, while drivers who text increase that risk to 8 to 23 times, the NRC said.

“If we can reach one teen out of five teens who won’t text and drive then they could possibly save their life in the future,” said Sgt. Jeff gordon.

The Turn Off Texting campaign brought the golf cart event to five schools in Vermont this spring, and plans to get three more before the end of the school year. Check out the video below.

For those of you that think you can text while driving, the you are one of the few “supertaskers.”