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LOS ANGELES, CA – A reality star is fighting a legal battle to keep her past hidden!

Kendra Wilkinson is the former Playboy Playmate and one of Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriends. Wilkinson moved out of the mansion and is now leading a seemingly perfect life. She’s married to NFL player Hank Baskett, just gave birth to her first child and stars in her own TV reality show, Kendra. However, that all may come crashing down with the release of a sex tape from her past.

Porn distributors Vivid Entertainment have gotten their hands on the X-rated footage of Wilkinson and intend to release it by the end of the month. According to them, the DVD will be called “Kendra Exposed” and all the scenes were shot before she became famous. The former Playboy model has not given the company her blessing and her lawyer, Yael E. Holtkamp has demanded that the porn company “cease and desist” with the release of the video.

“The video is private and highly confidential taken for private use and not for public disclosure,” Holtkamp’s letter reads. “Any exploitation of the video would be a gross violation of Miss Wilkinson’s constitutional and common law rights of privacy.”

Wilkinson has come a long way from her troubled past in which she has admitted to wild ways that included drugs, self-mutilation and a stint in a mental hospital. Despite her fiercest legal attempts to keep her ugly pat hidden, Vivid CEO, Steve Hirsch, isn’t budding from his stance.

“After reviewing our legal position we remain confident of our right to distribute the video, he said. “This plans to release ‘Kendra Exposed’ within the next several weeks.”