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LOS ANGELES, CA – The pop star that can’t seem to do any wrong had a little mishap!

Justin Bieber is flaming hot right now and his popularity seems to know no bounds. He’s been wrapped up in countless headlines such as his faux romance with Kim Kardashian and he’s caused chaos with his appearances across the globe. He’s been a busy kid so you can’t blame him for not finding a few minutes to learn the word German.

During a recent interview with a New Zealand talk show, the teen singing sensation  was like a fish out of water when he was asked what his last name, “Bieber,” means in German. Seems like a simple question, unless you don’t know what the word “German” means. Bieber was so dumbfounded that he even looked at the host’s card to get some visual clarification on the word. After which, he responded with: “We don’t say that in America.”

Justin Bieber is 16 and his IQ may be in the same area. Or, perhaps all those hats are cutting off air from circulating to his brain.

Check out the video below.