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WASHINGTON D.C. – The Boy Scouts are getting in tune with technology with the addition of their new award!

Boy Scouts won’t be awarded solely for their superior outdoor skills from now on. Tying knots and building campfires will still be appreciated but now video game skills will also be rewarded. The group has added two new awards in the video game category.

Scouts will be awarded belt loops and academic pins for video game activities that promote education, teamwork and a familiarity with video game ratings.

“Video games are in two-thirds of American homes. That’s pa retie good number of people; they are in our schools, in most libraries,” explained Boy Scouts spokesman Renee Fairrer.

It’s seems like an interesting twist to a program that promotes active lifestyles in young individuals. Video games aren’t exactly high on the active scale and individuals can spend hours at a time plugging away at a game. The Boy Scouts are not worried, however, of their young scouts becoming couch potatoes.

“We have 53 programs and 28 of them are sports related like skateboard, rollers, hockey. It’s a good balance,” Fairrer said.

Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts can earn the belt loops by explaining “why it is important to have a ratings system for video games,” according to the Scouts. They must also create an appropriate schedule for video games that leaves times for chores and homework.