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EAST HAVEN, CT – One man’s life has been saved by a generous heart and Facebook!

East Havon Mayor April Capone Almon uses Facebook as a way to stay in touch and stay up to date on her friends. On one fateful day, one of her “friends” on Facebook posted a status update that caught her eye.

Capon Almon noticed that Carlos Sanchez had posted that his friends and relatives had all been tested and no one was an appropriate match for a kidney donation. The mayor has upwards of 1,600 “friends” on Facebook, but she knew Sanchez on a casual level through town events. Sanchez’ kidneys were failing because of diabetes.

Much to his surprise, Sanchez received a message from Capon Almon saying that she would get tested. It just so happen that she was a match and Sanchez had found his match through an unlikely source.

“He calls me his little sister,” says Capone Almon. “It’s just a happy a thing. It’s wonderful to see him and his family so happy.”