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NEW YORK, NY – A high profile anchor for MSNBC has gotten a serious time-out!

David Shuster has been a very popular anchor for MSNBC but recently showed an alliance to a rival news channel. MSNBC has suspended Shuster indefinitely after it was revealed that he participated in a test of a new show for CNN. While MSNBC provided no further comment, it was revealed that executives, along with president Phil Griffin, were furious when the news broke.

CNN may be planning a coup to lure Shuster away from MSNBC. His contract is set to expire at the end of this year and the move has raised questions about the appropriateness of the CNN test.

On Friday, an MSNBC spokesperson said, “If true, this is unacceptable and David will be punished appropriately.”

Looks like the news was true and the same spokesperson said that “David has been suspended indefinitely.”

The CNN pilot was for a news show featuring Shuster and NPR’s Michel Martin as con-anchors. It’s said to include “medical and opinion segments, and included appearances by several CNN contributors.” CNN is in the midst of terrible and plummeting ratings, and the move may be one with the hopes to save some of those ratings.

According to TVNewser, Phil Griffin learned about the news while on vacation and while on the phone with Shuster, “ripped him a new one.”

Shuster currently held the 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. slots and it’s yet to be seen for how long he’ll be absent from MSNBC.