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HOLLYWOOD, CA – The reality mom was too much to handle for her partner. And that’s not a good thing!

When the cast was announced for Dancing with the Stars, Kate Gosselin made it very clear that she was on a mission to win the competition. She even went so far as to build a dance studio in the basement of her house. That commitment has necessarily payed off and Gosselin is on the verge of being eliminated. What’s worse is that her partner Tony Dovolany might be just fine with that thought.

On last night’s show, taped rehearsals were shown of the pair and a strained relationship between the two was quite obvious. Gosselin hasn’t been the dancing prodigy that Dovolany has hoped for and said “Nothing in dancing is natural to Kate.” He continued to say, “I’ve never been questioned in my teaching.” Gosselin seemed to have two left feet during rehearsals and didn’t seem to grasp the moves as well as Dovolany hoped. He topped off the rehearsals with a simple, “I quit.”

The drama climaxed with a warm and fuzzy moment in which Dovolany returned, apologized to Gosselin and she thanked him. “A lot of people quit on me in life,” she said and finished it all off with a hug.

However sweet that may have been, there performance truly suffered. Their performance was somewhat of a train-wreck and Gosselin was stiff and robotic in her movements. The judges were less than impressed and she ended up with one of the lowest scores of the night, 15.

Check out the drama below.