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SACRAMENTO, CA – One business owner was hunted down by the IRS for unpaid taxes. The amount is shocking!

The IRS usually strikes fear in the hearts of anyone that comes into contact with them. One business owner in Sacramento got an unexpected visit from two IRS agents last week. Aaron Zeff, owner of Harv’s Metro Car Wash has some unpaid taxes and the IRS was going to make him pay up.

“They were deadly serious, very aggressive, very condescending,” Zeff told the Sacramento Bee of the two IRS agents.

The letter delivered by the agents to Zeff’s on-site manager revealed an unusual balance owed. Zeff was in hot water with the IRS for having 4 cents in delinquent taxes. That’s correct, 4 cents. Zeff, who also owns local parking lots and is the president of the Midtown Business Association, was more amused than anything.

“It’s hilarious,” he says, “that two people hopped in a car and came down here for just 4 cents. I think the IRS may have a problem with priorities.”

Perhaps the biggest problem Zeff faced was wether he should pay by cash or check. This proves the point that a penny saved is a penny earned. The IRS can be thanked for reenforcing such a valuable lesson.