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NEW YORK, NY – New discoveries by scientists have shaken up the animal kingdom – and one of WWN’s own!

The first discovery comes out of the university of California at Berkeley. Some male frogs have developed female reproductive systems and the ability to lay eggs when exposed to a weed-killer chemical. The study was published Monday and in it scientists concluded that the herbicide atrazine has a severe effect on male fringes. According to them it causes male frogs to become “so completely female that they can mate and lay viable eggs.” This study has the potential to raise questions as to what qualifies as a safe chemical.

The second discovery comes to us courtesy of the University of Michigan and one of its professors, Jeffrey Wilson. His team of scientists discovered a macabre death scene that took place 67 million years ago. The scene contained a dinosaur just hatched from an egg and an 11-foot snake ready to devour it. The scene was preserved by a sudden avalanche and fossilized for scientists to discover. The snake was ready to devour a baby sauropod, which were the biggest dinosaurs to roam the earth.

The last discovery has perhaps caused the most buzz – to one particular individual of Weekly World News family. The discovery comes to us from Russia in which Lubya, a baby wooly mammoth, was discovered. Lubya was preserved for 42,000 years in “frigid Siberian river muck.” Lubya was preserved so perfectly that even her baby fat remained intact.

Tonya, the world’s fattest cat, has heard of this finding and has assumed that this is the discovery of the world’s fattest wooly mammoth. When you reach such sizes of mass and girth, you are automatically bestowed a “world’s fattest” radar. Well her radar must be malfunctioning because this is a case of a baby wooly mammoth and not a grown adult.

Tonya has not been able to be reached for comment. There is no doubt that she is on the move to find this “world’s fattest wooly mammoth” in Russia and find someone to make her happy. It’s too bad she can’t be reached because Lubya is not in Russia but is actually on loan to Chicago’s Field Museum.