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LOS ANGELES, CA – Kim Kardashian has thrown caution to the wind again and shown that she’s not the brightest tool in the shed!

On a flight from NYC back to her home in Los Angeles, Kim found out that she was seated next to an air marshal. Doing what many wouldn’t, she tweeted her newfound information to her three million plus followers.

“I’m on the airplane…love wifi! I am sitting next to an Air Marshal! Jim the air marshal makes me feel safe,” Kim tweeted.

Air marshal’s whole purpose on plane rides is to remain anonymous to better be able to keep passengers safe. Twitterers were not exactly pleased with Kim revealing this highly secretive information. She however, didn’t find it to be that big of a deal and told her followers to keep quiet.

“RELAX! I just told you guys the Air Marshal is sitting next to me, highly doubt anyone is twittering like me on this flight! shah,” she tweeted. She finished her series of tweets with, “Ok I hope I don’t get in trouble…logging off now! ox”

We can only hope that Reggie Bush pops the question soon and takes over a lot of Kim’s decisions.