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ITHACA, NY – One college sorority brings a whole new meaning to high standards!

Cornell University’s Pi Beta Phi sorority has come up with such ridiculous guidelines that it is often compared to the movie “Mean Girls.” The sorority guidelines include a “yes” and “no” column for acceptable and unacceptable clothing, shoes, and accessories. According to their rule book, unless you weigh under 130 pounds, you should stay away from clothing made with satin and the only exception is if it’s “from Betsy Johnson or Dolce & Gabanna” and you have “on three pairs of Spanx.” In addition, leggings must be above a certain price point, chapped lips are forbidden, and everyone should be wearing accessories.

These rules or as some have kindly said, “Suggestions,” have sparked intense scrutiny and debate. To many, they represent an elitist fashion outlook that has restrictions on everything from types of brands and price points, to rules about the height of your heel and length of your pants.

Blaine Friedlander, a Cornell spokesman, said, “Our society has certain norms. The Pi Phis have every civil right to speak their ideas. They haven’t done anything wrong other than issuing fashion guidelines.” Perhaps that is true or perhaps Cornell doesn’t want to place itself in hot water by telling people what to do. Doing so would certainly no sit well with many Cornellians. It also begs the question of, why would an individual want or need to be a part of something such as Pi Phi if it basically tells you who to be?

The rules certainly seem far-fetched and elitist, but we’ll leave you with our favorite. “No watches with times or any kind of Indiglo light are allowed. (I will have the time to keep you informed,)” writes the author. Yes sir!