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STUART, FL – Stuart beach has more to offer than just beautiful sunsets and good surf. Not saying that’s a good thing!

A local resident has died due to a fatal shark attack. Stephen Schafer, 38, was the victim of an attack while he was out kitesurfing at Stuart Beach. Reports say that Stephen suffered an 8-to-10-inch bite on his right thigh and had numerous teeth marks on his right and left buttocks.

Stephen had drifted to an unguarded stretch of ocean when a lifeguard spotted him through his binoculars. Daniel Lund, 46, rushed out to Stephen and saw blood in the water and screams from Stephen that he had been attacked by sharks.

Paramedics tried to administer CPR but showed little success. Stephen was rushed to Martin Memorial Hospital where he died. It is still unclear what type of shark was responsible for the attack but speculation suggests that it may be a bull, tiger, or even great white shark. This is the first shark attack death in Florida waters since 2005.

“He was a super nice guy. Always mellow. I don’t think he had any enemies,” said Stephen’s friend Teague Taylor. “I’ve never heard of multiple sharks in this area surrounding someone and fatally wounding him,” he added.