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LONG ISLAND, NY – Wild Beagles are running rampant and terrorizing residents!

This may come as a shock as beagles are normally known as gentler creatures, but not this pack on Long Island. Reports say that the pack of beagles are abandoned hunting dogs that have gone from loyal pets to hounds from hell.

Local resident Dot Faszeczewski came face to face with the savage canines and feared for her well-being. “They were barking so ferociously that I thought they were going to attack my dogs,” she said of her incident.

Shelters in the area have been trying to gather up the stray beagles, socialize and rehabilitate them and find adoptive homes for them. According to Pam Green of the Kent Animal Shelter, a beagle being aggressive is of no surprise. “If they’re starving and they’re freezing they’re going to become aggressive,” says Pam.

Many of these beagles become abandoned by their owners as they fail to meet rabbit-hunting quotas. Owners don’t give them the proper attention and care that they deserve and treat them as hunting machines. However, with the proper care and love, these beagles can become amazing pets once again.

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