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LONDON – A British man’s genitals had to be freed from a steel pipe – with a metal grinder!

A man showed up at the Southampton General Hospital in Southampton, England, with a very serious predicament. His penis was stuck in a stainless steel pipe! He did not explain how it happened, but was very concerned.

Medical staff attempted to remove the pipe, but the restricted blood flow had caused it to swell. Unable to free the man, doctors called in reinforcements.

The crew from the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service arrived with special equipment and seven firefighters to help!

The firefighters used a four-and-a-half-inch industrial metal grinder to cut away the pipe from the man’s penis, which had been anesthetized. A spokesman for the department said, “It was a very delicate operation that required a very steady hand and the crew was worried about things getting too hot during the cutting.”

His genitalia was left bruised, but otherwise unharmed.

Said Redbridge fire station watch manager Greg Garrett, “I’ve only come across this type of thing three or four times in my 17 years as a firefighter. It’s not a daily occurrence.”