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WASHINGTON, DC -The Hubble Telescope has accomplished another milestone – by locating a missing person!

During the 19 years NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has orbited the Earth, it has taken hundreds of thousands of photos of the cosmos. This week, the scientific marvel has revealed what is perhaps the most startling image yet – that of the long-missing Teamsters leader, Jimmy Hoffa!

Hoffa was the powerful and controversial leader of the union from 1957 to 1971. In 1975, while trying to regain power in the union, Hoffa disappeared from a restaurant in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. He was widely assumed to have been killed by the Mafia, with whom he was alleged to have ties. His body was never found.

Insiders say the remarkable Hubble photos reveal Hoffa’s body just drifting in a block of cement. According to lead FBI investigator Michael Davar, the Teamsters built the special cement block, containing various protective compartments, for NASA, to house the space flights scientific instruments for experimentation.

Apparently, they also built in a large, hidden compartment within the block, and that’s where Hoffa’s body has been hidden all these years.

Encouraged by this find, agent Davar states, “Not only is a full investigation under way, we are also working with Hubble Telescope scientists in searching outer space for any orbiting signs of Amelia Earhart, D.B. Cooper, Agatha Christie and Michael Rockefeller.”