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LAS VEGAS, NV – An anonymous blackjack player is looking for families in need to donate to!

The man, calling himself “RobinHood702” after Las Vegas’ area code, created a website last year and asked for people to submit their stories of financial problems.

He ultimately picked Kurt and Megan Kegler from Detroit, whose daughter’s fight with brain cancer had put them into massive debt.

Not only did the man hand the family $35,000 in cash, but he flew them out to Las Vegas first class, paid for their hotel suite and spa treatments and took them out on the town!

Now the gambler is offering the same deal to a new family. People can submit video stories to his website,, to explain why they need the cash.

In return, RobinHood702 will play blackjack to pay off the family’s debt. If he loses, he agrees to pay half of what they owe. If he wins, he pays it all!

This year the rewards will be greater, as Dr. Richard Schulze, a wealthy doctor, was so inspired by the man’s act that he is contributing to his stakes! This means that two families will be chosen!

Said Schulze, “I want a thousand people — I want ten thousand people to do this. It’s one thing to hear about people helping people and it’s another thing to be there in person.”

“Really this is a story about Americans helping Americans. No one else is going to help us out and it’s time now to help each other.”