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CLEVELAND, OH – The victim of this year’s infamous chimp attack has finally revealed her face to the public.

Charla Nash, 56, was the victim of a vicious chimpanzee attack earlier this year. While visiting her friend Sandra Herold, Herold’s pet chimp attacked Nash, presumably because he did not recognize her due to a recent hair cut.

Nash lost her hands, nose, eyes, lips, some facial bone structure, and also received some brain damage.

Nash has spent the rest of the year at the Cleveland Clinic, where she has received further surgery to try and repair the damage left to her face.

Knowing that photographers were after her for the first ever post-attack photo, Nash decided to reveal herself on her own terms. She invited Oprah Winfrey to the clinic for her first on-air interview. She removed the hat and veil she usually hides behind, for fear of startling others.

Warning: the video may be disturbing to some.