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LOS ANGELES, CA – It is being reported that Michael Jackson’s autopsy photos have leaked.

Police believe that a “high ranking” member of the force leaked the high-resolution photo to a Los Angeles restaurant owner. Word got out after he began showing a copy of the photo on his Blackberry to friends, including some television executives.

It is believed to be too high-quality to be a cellphone picture, which means it had to come from someone who had access to Jackson’s autopsy report.

The image is of Jackson lying on a metal table, facing up, eyes open. It is not a full-body shot, but the details of his face would be shocking to fans. With hair shaved and makeup removed, a previously hidden scar is glaringly obvious on his left cheek. His tattooed eyebrows also remained.

While the photo would easily fetch over $1 million if sold to a tabloid, a sale would be impossible. Los Angeles police have indicated they would quickly pursue criminal charges over such a transaction.

It remains unclear who the restaurant owner is, or which member of the police force leaked him the image.