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People who stutter like idiots when they speak are smarter than people who don’t!

That’s the word from psychologist Nils Lind, who conducted an intensive, six-year study of 5,500 men, woman and children and found that stutterers outscore normal people on intelligence tests by an average of 22 points.

“I wasn’t surprised by the finidings – I was floored by the findings,” the Swedish researcher told reporters. “Like most people, I had a lifelong bias against people with speech impediments, possibly because they have so much trouble expressing themselves.

“When the results of my study first started coming in I actually thought that there was something wrong with my testing methods. But as time passed I realized that my methods were sound.

“In the final analysis, I found that stutterers as a group have IQs 15 to 29 points higher than the population at large. I think most of us would do well to remember that when we are in the company of a stutterer,” he added. “Chances are, he’s going to be significantly smarter than we are.”

Dr. Lind’s conclusions might sound fantastic but the historical record and supporting studies seemed to bear them out.

Historians confirm that brilliant scientists like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell stuttered. And recent studies show that 62 percent of the world’s wealthiest men and woman, as well as 48 percent of college professors, stutter, too.

“We’re not entirely sure what makes stutterers more intelligent but there is some evidence to indicate that people stutter because they think faster and more deeply than people who speak normally,” said Lind. “The stuttering comes about because thoughts are being generated so quickly that their speaking apparatus becomes overloaded.”