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FORT COLLINS, CO – Falcon Heene was finally found yesterday hiding in the attic. But some believe there is more to the story than meets the eye.

On Thursday, America watched as local authorities, aviation officials and the Colorado National Guard chased a runaway hot air balloon believed to be carrying 6 year old Falcon Heene. When it finally came down, the balloon was ripped open to find no trace of the child.

Fearing he had fallen from the balloon, police began searching the balloon’s path for any sign of the boy. Although the house had been searched twice, Falcon Heene walked out of the attic and into his mother’s arms.

While many are happy the boy is safe, some are already questioning how the whole fiasco came about. How did the older boy think he saw his brother crawl into the balloon? Why was Falcon hiding for five hours?

Considering the parents’ past of happily accepting attention by appearing on “Wife Swap”, some believe this may have been a planned hoax from the start.

The most telling piece of evidence has been from Falcon’s own mouth. When asked why he didn’t come out after being called for, he said, “We did this for the show.”

His father seemed incapable of explaining what the statement meant.

This morning, Falcon threw up on two different morning talk shows as his parents spoke to newscasters. While it is being attributed to “the flu”, some think he could be vomiting from being drugged yesterday to sleep away his time in the attic.

It is unclear at this point whether police will be investigating the parents.