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WASHINGTON, DC – NASA bombed the moon this morning, in order to find water beneath the surface!

NASA sent a 2.2-ton empty rocket crashing into the moon at 5,600 miles per hour this morning, followed by the satellite that had been tracking it. The crash, equal to the power of 1.5 tons of TNT, should have punched a 12 foot hole into the 2-mile-deep crater Cabeus to find out if ice is hidden beneath the surface.

Some believe NASA had other motives, such as destroying evidence of a a secret black op moon base or an extraterrestrial colony. However, there is no way to prove or disprove these theories.

Video of the explosion was attempted, but the results were somewhat disappointing.

This is the shot from the satellite following the rocket:

And here is a far away shot from another camera. The explosion can be barely seen at 0:09