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WASHINGTON, DC – A man claiming to be Elvis Presley’s first-born son was refused a Supreme Court hearing.

Jason Presley of West Valley City, Utah, is also known as Ernie Young. Presley has been suing for the rights to the entire Presley family estate, claiming he is the first-born son of Elvis.

Presley believes that Elvis did not die from an overdose, but was in fact murdered in 1977!

He created a petition for the high court to review his case, after receiving unfavorable judgments from lower courts. The Supreme Court dismissed it.

Presley has been arrested in the past for harassing several judges in Utah after they also turned down his case.

It is unclear if this is the same Jason Presley who’s mother Patricia Parker issued Elvis a paternity suit in 1970.

Is it possible that Elvis actually had a son? Does Jason have proof of the faked overdose? Could this prove that Elvis may in fact still be alive somewhere?