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“There was some measure of success,” he said, adding that several technicians were sent decades into the future and returned to their own time before Germany fell to the Allies.

“I don’t know if there is a connection. But German police reported that a man in Nazi uniform appeared at a power plant near Dresden last August and later vanished from a heavily guarded cell,” said Dr. Fischer. “Was that man a Nazi time traveler? Unfortunately, we’ll never know for sure.”

Components of the purported time machine that were recovered from the Berlin bunker have long since been lost, he added. But detailed descriptions contained in Allied inventory reports suggest that it was no bigger than a filing cabinet and was designed to generate light and ultra-high frequency sound waves.

“It’s a chilling prospect, but the greatest threat to our future may not be an enemy that exists today,” said Dr. Fischer. “It might be the Nazis – and a world controlled by a madman.”

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