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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – A goat was rescued from the trunk of a woman’s car who had planned to sacrifice it over Brett Favre’s team switch!

A woman pulled into Tires Plus, a car repair shop, in Winona, Minnesota last week. Her car had broken down on the way to St. Paul and she needed a belt replaced. But before she left, she mentioned one small thing: there was a live goat in her trunk.

She was planning on killing it later that day, but had broken down on the way. After she left, James Prusci, the mechanic, opened the trunk to give the goat some air, and was taken aback. The goat had been painted the colors for the Minnesota Vikings and had the No. 4 shaved into it’s side.  This was the number of Brett Favre, who was to make his Vikings debut that evening. It appeared she wanted to help break the team’s 42-year Super Bowl curse!

Prusci and the other mechanics decided to call animal control, who met the woman at the shop when she returned for the car. The goat was taken into custody and placed in foster care, where he has been given the name Brett. Police would not comment on if the woman had been charged with anything.