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PITTSBURGH, PA – Archivists sifting through possessions of the late Andy Warhol have found a signed photo of a naked Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis!

Hired by the Andy Warhol Foundation, they have spent six years cataloging and photographing every item the famous artist left behind. Warhol was known for avidly collecting every day items he came in contact with. In 1973, he began filling up and taping shut boxes, and shipping them to a storage facility in New Jersey.

It is these 177 boxes the archivists have been sifting through, averaging anywhere from 400 to 1,200 items a box.

While many odd items have been found, the most suprising was an autographed naked photo of former First Lady Jackie Onassis! In 1971, Onassis was secretly photographed by paparazzi while she was sunbathing. The photos landed in the hands of Larry Flynt, who printed them in the August 1975 issue of Hustler magazine.


Seemingly as a joke, Onassis signed a poster version of the picture with, “For Andy, with enduring affection, Jackie Montauk”, and sent it to the artist. The archivists have since found that the signature matches her writing.

It is doubtful the poster will end up as an “Object of the Week”, which the team will start blogging in September. But readers can expect to see such items as a mummified foot of an ancient Egyptian and a Ramones’ 45 record signed by lead singer Joey Ramone!