PITTSBURGH, PA – Archivists sifting through possessions of the late Andy Warhol have found a signed photo of a naked Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis!
Hired by the Andy Warhol Foundation, they have spent six years cataloging and photographing every item the famous artist left behind. Warhol was known for avidly collecting every day items he came in contact with. In 1973, he began filling up and taping shut boxes, and shipping them to a storage facility in New Jersey.
It is these 177 boxes the archivists have been sifting through, averaging anywhere from 400 to 1,200 items a box.
While many odd items have been found, the most suprising was an autographed naked photo of former First Lady Jackie Onassis! In 1971, Onassis was secretly photographed by paparazzi while she was sunbathing. The photos landed in the hands of Larry Flynt, who printed them in the August 1975 issue of Hustler magazine.
Seemingly as a joke, Onassis signed a poster version of the picture with, “For Andy, with enduring affection, Jackie Montauk”, and sent it to the artist. The archivists have since found that the signature matches her writing.
It is doubtful the poster will end up as an “Object of the Week”, which the team will start blogging in September. But readers can expect to see such items as a mummified foot of an ancient Egyptian and a Ramones’ 45 record signed by lead singer Joey Ramone!


  1. Yeah…they just wanted to draw attention to a real First Lady and try to put HER down after death so we could get the attention off the newest First [ahem] Lady, Ms. 40 oz and a Blue Light Special outfit. Seems most people would like the newest First Lady [term used lightly as it barely fits] to go nude so it would save taxpayers $. Personally, I'd like to see Michelle Obama dressed better, to show a little style and class, because as a First Lady she's representing our entire country, know that's a big concept for some people but hey, that's just me and I'm entitled to my opinion. All you haters that don't like my opinion can stuff it! I'm not a sheep, I have a mind AND I use it for what I want to think, not what YOU tell me is okay to think! But you're welcome to take all the pot shots you want.

  2. signofthetimes dont you have a rally to attend while you hold on to your m-16 assault rifle?
    Grow up, your asking her to dress like ms mccain? sorry but she is real, she doesnt spend $20,000 on a dress.

    • Hmmm…. one could argue that the difference between a $20,000 dress and $540 tennis shoes is not one of realness but of class. None of them are real man.

  3. these pics r nothing compared to what is in the old hustler magazine….. of which my dad had that magazine and i now have……

  4. Hmmm. Amusing perspective. I can tell you from first hand knowledge Ms. Obama is considered very fashionable and quite stunning by the fashion set in other countries. But you do sound like quite the world traveler and a highly educated one at that, based on your exemplary command of written English.

  5. You wrote: "I'm not a sheep, I have a mind AND I use it for what I want to think, not what YOU tell me is okay to think! But you're welcome to take all the pot shots you want."
    I'm betting that you probably resemble a sheep (and perhaps a fat one, at that), sitting at your PC eating a 2 lb. box of chocolate candy, and wishing to God above that you had the First Lady's figure (and class), so you could wear the clothes she looks so great in. Laura Bush knew better than to wear anything but a dress, simply because her figure won't work in anything else. It is obvious that you can't see further than your own bigoted and opinionated nose.
    Get off your high horse and get a life.

    • Hey Poopy,
      "Retardeder" is that a real word? You're the last one to be calling anyone “retarded." (I'd say that you are an illiterate.) You're also a vile bigot assuming you meant "mentally retarded" in describing "signofthetimes" and Glenn Beck. No one uses the term "retarded[eder]" except for skateboarders that have fallen on their heads one too many times. As an aside to most all of the responders to the post by "signofthetimes" no one is a racist simply because they disagree with FLOTUS Mobama's fashion sense. But really "signofthetimes" the reference to "Ms. 40 oz" was uncalled for and not demonstrative of someone that claims to allegedly "have a mind AND…use it…to think." More on point, Jackie K.O. looked pretty hot in the censored picture. It begs the question as to why Jack Kennedy needed to chase so many skirts. Well, I guess some guys have something to prove.

    • Really? Your actually going to call some stupid for saying retardeder adn more retardeder? You honestly think that poopy thought those were the correct words? I definitely nominate you to be the most retartedest of all.

  6. I'll bet you are from texas, because you fit a very popular saying in that area, you are "all hat and no cattle", I'll bet you have heard that before, right????

  7. I really enjoy that this guy just decided he needed to defend himself with "I have a mind!" and "I'm not a sheep!" before anyone had even opened up debate. Didn't it occur to you that that shows either a lack of surety in your beliefs or a fear of real discussion? Or maybe both?
    And really, buddy… "Ms. 40 oz. and a Blue Light Special outfit"? The woman is well-educated, powerful, and by any legitimate definition, a lady. And you're apparently just a racist.
    And don't worry, you're entitled to you own opinion, yadda yadda yadda… just know most people, regardless of opinion, know a fool when they see one.

  8. I remember the underwater nude shots taken of her by a underwater photographer….they were published in a national mag.which I have lost. Is there access to any of these pictures now?

  9. Jackie O was a real lady and michele Obama is just trying to be as much of one as kackie was the 2 of them the president and the first lady are trying to imitate the Kennedies they actualy think they are like them and they are not even close.

    • are you nuts? The:"Obama's" would not be as silly nor are they that absurd to emulate anyone except who they should be to fullfill the expectations of the first black couple to ever enter the new position of the president and his wife of the United States of America as their natural selves! Dumbo, go back, somewhere where you'll fit.
      Go back to your place in middle class dreariess


  11. Wow. This whole entire conversation is redundant. Freedom of speech and all, just keep it moving. If you don't have anything better to worry about other than Michele Obama's wardrobe with all that is going on in this entire world you definitely need to get a life. smh

  12. Jackie KO and MeichY O Jackie KO didn't spend US taxpayer $ on her out fits . The Designers were not above paying her favorite charity to have her wear one for a few hours of Photo-op time. in Wichita Kans 1962 she changed Cloths 7 times in 10 hours. during a campaign Festivity. .They came in boxes with the designers address for return, they were hung, and accessorized before packaging.she wore taupe body hosiery .and changed back stage in front of everyone because she was totally covered. she had a lady that handled all the dressing and coiffing in the 5-10 minute changes . To send Jackie to another Conference Room and meet new ppl..I was 15 and a stagehand ,yes she was a beautiful woman "WHO SMOKED"

  13. To all of theJackie fans, there is alot more to this story, my brother was commisioned by larry flint to purduce a coin of Jackie O in the nude. back in 1972 my brother owned pacific mint , in 2009 i did contact larry flint to find out the truth about the story, but he would never talk to me its very importamt that we keep this lovely ladys integrity and life alive she was a very spical person to our great country, this coin was mented in 1974 and till this day has never been seen in the public's eyes and i have keep it in my possesion for over 30+ years and it will stay a part of my familys Heirlooms, i sure would love to here from Larry flint, but i will not tell the whole story its very Unbelivable and i hold this one and only coin for one day to give to the Onassis Family. this story is just a part of what is wrong with America today no one tells the truth. Thay only tell what you people want to hear. To Jackie's family i am so sory for all your losses and we all loved Jackie very much. Rest in peace lol MC.


  15. Well, yes she had to take off her clothes too just like the rest of us.She was America's Princess who had enough class to completely IGNORE the press. She never gave an interview & never wrote a book…because she was a true Aristocrat….something we lack a lot of in America..

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