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LOS ANGELES, CA – Rumor has it that Michael Jackson’s mother is keeping his corpse frozen so she can continue visiting him!

Sources sayKatherine Jackson has had Michael’s corpse moved to the basement of the cemetery’s Freedom Mausoleum building in Glendale, without alerting the rest of the Jackson clan.

After numerous disagreements over how Michael should be interred, and adamantly against an unmarked grave for fear of grave robbers, Katherine decided to temporarily keep him in a frozen room until a final decision could be made.

A few times a week, Katherine would leave the family compound in Encino ostensibly to run errands. However, she would secretly sneak down to the freezer to look upon her son’s gold casket and mourn his loss. Her nephew, Trent Jackson, drives her to the site.

The original idea to bury him at Neverland were put on hold, as the ranch lacks a certified cemetery. Any final plans have still not been announced.

Is Katherine’s story true? Or is this another cover-up for why Michael hasn’t been buried yet? If the rumors that Michael faked his death are to be believed, it would make sense that the family has nothing to put in the ground.