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SAN JOSE, CA – A doughnut cafe in California has recently come under fire for its controversial theme.

According to the company: “Psycho Donuts has taken donuts to the next demented level. We bid a fond farewell to the tired, round ring of lameness, and the drab, time-weathered environment of donut past. Psycho Donuts has taken the neighborhood donut and put it on medication, and given it shock treatment.”

The cafe offers a number of special doughnuts, such as:


The Bipolar


The Psycho


MHT (Massive Head Trauma)

These bizarre combinations are served by workers in doctor white coats or nurse uniforms, who offer customers the opportunity to eat their sweets in a padded cell.

psycho_donuts4 psycho_donuts5

Sounds like a blast, right? Except some organizations are not happy with the cafe’s seemingly disregard for serious mental health issues.

“As the former regional administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration, I appreciate an individual’s goal to live the great American dream and start a business, but profits should not be made at the expense of others,” said Oscar Wright, chief executive officer of United Advocates for Children and Families, a support group for parents whose children receive mental health services.

Public debate became so severe that Wright and Psycho Donuts co-owner Kipp Berdiansky held a televised debate on local channel KTVU. Ultimately, no agreement was arrived upon, and the store continues to operate while Wright’s organization continues to protest its existence.