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TEANECK, NJ – Adversity does indeed breed creativity. A New Jersey resident has successfully baked her way out of foreclosure!

Angela Logan has lived in her home in Teaneck, New Jersey for 20 years. Like many Americans these days, she has been hit with both employment and mortage troubles. After being tremendously overcharged for work done on her home and then a talent agency gone bust that owed her thousands of dollars in backpay, Logan was in serious debt.

In order to qualify for President Obama’s Making Home Affordable plan, she had to come up with a $2,500 mortgage payment in just 10 days in order to qualify. So she dreamed up the plan of baking her delicious grandmother’s apple cake, with all organic ingredients, and selling them. At $40 a cake, Logan would be able to keep her home.

Little did she know that demand would go through the roof! Within a week she had received orders for 100 cakes, meeting her goal. But after newspapers started publishing her story, she was up to 600 orders! There was no way Logan was going to be able to bake them by herself in her tiny kitchen.

Luckily, Josh Kaye, founder of Bake Me A Wish, a not-for-profit bakery that sells baked goods for charitable causes, stepped in and had his kitchens to take over the bulk of the baking, as well as delivering the cakes.

The program has been so successful, Logan is well on her way to a renegotiated loan and lower mortgage, and will be giving a portion of the sales to other people in need.


Do you want to help and order your own Mortage Apple Cake? You can place your order at Bake Me a Wish!’s website.