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NEW HAVEN, CT – Watch out, dog fighters. There’s a new game in town…

Local police have busted a secret canary fighting ring in Shelton, Conn. after being tipped off to its whereabouts. Police raided the home to arrest nineteen participants and seize 150 canaries and finches on the premises. $8,000 in cash was also confiscated.

Sgt. Robert Kozlowsky of the Shelton Police Department stated, “They were in cages in the middle of the garage where the fighting was allegedly taking place. There was cages there where the canaries would be stored. It would open and the two canaries would go in a cage where fighting would occur.”

Police are unclear how long the fighting had been going on for, but are actively looking into how the ring organizers were able to acquire over 100 canaries without anyone noticing.

Neighbors were stunned as they had never suspected a bloodsport was being run on their street. Check out their interviews below: