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LOS ANGELES, CA – A persistent rumor of Michael Jackson having a secret fourth child has resurfaced after he was spotted at the singer’s memorial.

Omer Bhatti is a 25 year old dancer, originally from Norway. He began spending huge amounts of time at Neverland and on tour with Michael Jackson in the 1990’s. While his presence has never been officially explained, he is rumored to be Jackon’s secret love child from a one-night stand.

The popular theory is that Jackson had a fling with Norwegian fan Pia Bhatti in 1984. After he was born, it is said that Jackson sent two employees to Norway to help his mother raise him. He then first met Omer in 1996, after the  12-year-old impressed Jackson with his dancing.

These rumors were further fueled after Omer sat with Jackson’s siblings at his widely publicized memorial. He is the farthest on the left:

Sources believe that Bhatti is now seeking to take a DNA test, to prove that Jackson his father. Do you believe it? Take a look at the home footage of Christmas at Neverland in 1998, and look for the resemblance: