3. Savor the victim’s agony – but don’t forget: the misfortune you visualize is the misfortune your victim will suffer in real life.
If you visualize the victim losing an eye, the victim should lose an eye. If you visualize death, the victim should die. Carefully consider the consequences of your actions before you proceed.
4. As you continue to revel in the imaginary evil you have brought to your enemy, whisper: “Powers of darkness, make this so.” Contemplate your actions for a minute or so and then, says Mulkrin, “your work is done.”
“If you are sincere in your desire to punish an enemy, and have absolutely no reservations about bringing him harm, the curse will work,” he said.
Mulkrin isn’t exactly a household name but paranormal experts and occultists are all too familiar with the sorcerer and his work.
In those circles, he is regarded as evil incarnate – a man who has been accused of everything from cannibalism to human sacrifice. But even Mulkrin’s worst critics admit that the sorcerer has a penetrating intelligence and vast knowledge of the black arts.
He also has a knack for simplifying ancient rituals, making them accessible to laymen who have no working knowledge of the occult.
“In ancient times sorcerers relied on elaborate rituals to punish their enemies, but in this day and age, with people having so many demands on their time, these rituals are obsolete,” explained Mulkrin.
“By distilling the process, I have sped things up. If you are of average intelligence, and put your mind to it, there is no reason you can’t put a curse on someone in five minutes or less.”

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  1. sad too say it?. yes it does work. my spell worked today. oct 17 2013. just on the wrong person,but on the right family. it was all over the news . i need too keep working on three more than i well be happy :).

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